6 Unique Guest Book Ideas for Your Wedding Day


6 Unique Guest Book Ideas For Your Wedding Day

Your wedding guest book is a token that you always can look back and cherish forever. We all have seen the typical guest book of signature handwritten notes in a book, with the “best of luck to you!” Sometimes it’s fun to spice it up and get creative in having a physical thing or photos to look back to. Below are creative and fun ways to spice up your guest book autographs! 

Polaroid Pictures

Take a polaroid photo, stick or tape it into your guest book for photos to remember forever.  Add a handwritten note next to the photo!


Globe or Guestbook?

Purchase a globe and have your guests sign anywhere on the map! Keep the globe as decor for your home. 

Message In A Bottle.

Have your guests write a handwritten note and pop it in a glass bottle. Read them together when the time feels right. 

Audio Guest Book

Leave a message after the beep! This is a cute and new way to put a spin on the typical guest book. This one doubles as decor, too! 

Sign Our Wine 

Grab your favorite wine, and have the guests sign! The good part about this is once you drink the wine, you can still keep the wine bottles.

Customized Couple Portrait Wedding Guest Book

Having a custom couple portrait created is such a beautiful idea because you can frame the portrait after the ceremony, to hang in your home! You can call a local artist, or find talented artists on Etsy to create a custom piece. Have your guests sign the portrait for the memories to last forever! 

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Top 8 Reasons to Hire a Wedding Planner

Planning a wedding is an exciting time in a couple’s relationship! But unless you’ve done it before, you may be wondering what you should do first, how to make your vision come together, and what your budget should be. These are all great reasons to hire a wedding planner! If you’ve been contemplating adding a wedding planner to your vendor team keep reading to learn more about how they can help you plan your wedding day.

1. Help You Enjoy Your Day

Stay stress-free and enjoy your special day! Your wedding planner will be in charge on the big day, making sure the ship is smooth sailing. Having those moments to truly soak in on your special day is such a gift! Thank God for wedding planners! 


2. Professional Advice & Expertise 


Wedding planners are professionals in the industry! They are well aware of costs, vendors, and how to bring your vision to life. 


3. Help You Stick To Your Budget


Let’s be honest. Weddings are expensive, and things can add up pretty quickly! Wedding planners can help guide you when it comes to vendor costs, and what portion of the budget goes where. 


4. They Will Bring Your Vision To Life


Sometimes it’s hard to see the big picture, but wedding planners know exactly how to bring a vision to life. Creating a vision board for your wedding on Pinterest is helpful when talking about themes and color schemes for your wedding. Wedding planners usually have strong relationships with wedding vendors, so they can ensure that your vision will come to life accordingly! 


5. They’re Professional Problem Solvers


If something goes wrong, chances are your wedding planner will have the solution! Your dress rips? Did you forget deodorant? It’s raining? You’re worried about your dress walking down the aisle? All things that your wedding planner will help you problem solve if something goes south! 


6. Stay Stress-Free!


It can be extremely overwhelming trying to wedding plan on your own. Vendors, policies, catering, budgeting… there are so many details to think about! 


7. Stay On Schedule


A day of coordinator or planner is key to ensuring that the day is moving at the right pace. Wedding planners will help you stay on schedule, and make sure everything is running smoothly! 


8. Your Wedding Planner is Your Supporter!


Having questions, and lots of them is completely normal for a bride. Your wedding planner is there for you to help with all of your questions and concerns regarding vendors, venues, or your invitation list. They are wedding professionals, and will ensure confidence on the big day! 

As you can see, wedding planners are a crucial piece of the puzzle when it comes to throwing a successful wedding. If you’d like to learn more about the wedding planning packages Cheers & Champagne offers we’d love to chat!

10 Things Brides DO NOT Regret Doing



You’re engaged, let’s pop the champagne! 

Now comes all of the fun parts of being a bride. Planning out your color schemes, picking your wedding party, and finding your dream venue! As a wedding planner and previous bride, I can relate to how overwhelming it can be when you tie the knot and say “I Do!” Here are 10 things brides do not regret doing on their wedding day!



1. Capture It On Film!

Having a videographer film your special day is an incredible memory to have forever. Having a wedding photographer is important too, but there’s something about being able to hit play and watch your big day all over again. It truly is something you will forever cherish. 


2. Have Poses Picked Out For Your Photographer 

Communicating with your photographer on what moments you want to be captured before your big day is something to think about! Sometimes when you get your photos back, you wish that you had gotten more shots with your bridesmaids, or maybe you have specific poses in mind! 

Write a checklist with what specifics you want to be captured – getting ready, ceremony, reception, family photos, etc!


3. Bring Comfy Shoes For The Reception 

Yay! You’ve officially tied the knot, and you’re ready to dance the night away! Your feet are probably going to be exhausted, so bringing backup shoes to change into during your reception is a great idea for brides. Betsey Johnson and Steve Madden both offer super beautiful flats and sneakers for any bride ready to hit the dance floor and be comfortable. If you’re doing a western theme – throw on a pair of bedazzled boots and call it an evening! 

4. Plan A Special Exit 

Planning a special exit is something you can really have fun with! From sparklers to confetti, to fireworks, there are so many fun ways to make your special exit something unique and memorable. Extra perk: the photos will be amazing!

5. Hire A Wedding Planner 

Being biased on this one, but it is important, which is why I love what I do! My brides can never thank me enough for all of my help during their process. Planning can be overwhelming for the bride, and I truly want you to soak in every moment and enjoy your process. Hiring a planner will help destress your experience, and focus on being a bride! 

Cheers & Champagne also offers  Day of Coordination, which is something budget-friendly for the big day. 


6. Pause, Enjoy The Moment

The bride and groom will be the star of the show on the big day, and it can be overwhelming! Don’t forget to take a moment to enjoy the wedding yourself! Grab your partner privately and take a moment, just the two of you, to soak in the moment of finally being married! Carve out the time for just you and your partner.

7. Bring An “Emergency Bag” 

Bring a bag of goodies, because you never know what could happen! As a wedding planner, I always come prepared for all my brides on their big day with an emergency bag. Here are a few things not to forget: hair spray, perfume, tide to go pen, 


8. Choose 3 

Sit down with your fiance and write out the top 3 things that are non-negotiable! This way you can figure out what parts are most important to the both of you, and you can prioritize what you spend your budget on. 


9. Have A Must Play List for Your DJ

A lot of the time, brides will have a list of artists and songs not to play, but providing a list of must-play songs, will make sure that your guests are having a great time on the dance floor! 

10. Do What Makes Your Heart Happy 

Don’t forget that your wedding is your special day. Don’t get caught up with what everybody else wants or envisions. Do what makes your heart happy, and don’t worry about others’ opinions on your wedding day!