6 Unique Guest Book Ideas for Your Wedding Day


6 Unique Guest Book Ideas For Your Wedding Day

Your wedding guest book is a token that you always can look back and cherish forever. We all have seen the typical guest book of signature handwritten notes in a book, with the “best of luck to you!” Sometimes it’s fun to spice it up and get creative in having a physical thing or photos to look back to. Below are creative and fun ways to spice up your guest book autographs! 

Polaroid Pictures

Take a polaroid photo, stick or tape it into your guest book for photos to remember forever.  Add a handwritten note next to the photo!


Globe or Guestbook?

Purchase a globe and have your guests sign anywhere on the map! Keep the globe as decor for your home. 

Message In A Bottle.

Have your guests write a handwritten note and pop it in a glass bottle. Read them together when the time feels right. 

Audio Guest Book

Leave a message after the beep! This is a cute and new way to put a spin on the typical guest book. This one doubles as decor, too! 

Sign Our Wine 

Grab your favorite wine, and have the guests sign! The good part about this is once you drink the wine, you can still keep the wine bottles.

Customized Couple Portrait Wedding Guest Book

Having a custom couple portrait created is such a beautiful idea because you can frame the portrait after the ceremony, to hang in your home! You can call a local artist, or find talented artists on Etsy to create a custom piece. Have your guests sign the portrait for the memories to last forever! 

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