Friendor Friday: Kathleen Dew Photography

I met Kathleen officially at my husband’s friend’s wedding. She was doing the photos, & I introduced myself & we struck up a mini conversation. When I got into the wedding business, I reached out to her on teaming up to do a styled shoot. She was totally up for it! We started to text everyday & now I consider her a long distance friend. So glad we were able to connect & get to know each other! Her work is AMAZEBALLS & she is a fun spirit that makes any awkward couple look FANTASTIC in photos!

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Tell us about yourself! (Personally and Professionally)

Hii!! My name is Kathleen & I’m a 25 year old wedding/portrait photographer based out of Anderson, South Carolina. I wish I lived at

the beach & drink smoothies every morning. FUN FACT! I had 4 pet peacocks growing up. I’m a 2 on the Enneagram & an introvert at

heart, but still love meeting new people & hanging out with friends & family. I love Jesus, summer time & my smoking hot husband. 

What made you want to do photography?

Ever since I was about 8 years old, I was obsessed with cameras. I would take all my mom’s wind up film cameras & shoot until I

couldn’t shoot anymore. Then when I was 11, my parents got our first digital camera!!!! I would take it out for hours,

photographing my siblings in the front yard, insects, street sign & pretty much anything that was in front of me. The year I

turned 15, I saved up month after month, babysitting & doing all the chores my mom would give me, so I could buy my first

DSLR. I started photographing families, seniors, local proms etc. Once I graduated high school, I applied to a university with a

great photography program & now, by God’s grace & blessing, I’m running my own wedding photography business! 

Why have you chosen to lean more towards photographing weddings?

 Starting off, I shot ANYTHING. Yet, photographing people has always been my number one passion. Even when I was little, I would

ask all my friends & siblings to model for me. The more I started shooting weddings, the more I fell in love with it. I also think as a

photographer, it’s good to hone in on one specific area & become REALLY good at that one thing. I know some photographers who

are PROS at shooting whether it’s families, newborns, or sporting events. They have their one thing that they

are known for & are excellent at. I’d rather be really good at one thing, than mediocre at a lot of things. That’s why I’ve chosen to

focus on shooting mostly weddings & engagements, because I really want to hone my craft in that specific area. 

Where has been your favorite place to travel to shoot a wedding? 

I just got back from shooting a small elopement in Boulder, Colorado & that might be my favorite place so far!  But someone else is

more than happy to help top that 😉

I see that your style is more moody. What made you decide on this style of photography? 

In college, I did a lot of black & white film photography, which is all about learning the balance between light & shadow, white

& black. I love the contrast of bright whites against rich blacks & the mood it creates. I also think this is just my own personal

style, outside of photography. But I definitely have always shot in a way that creates a lot of contrast between my subject matter, the

lighting, the surroundings, etc. I’ve tried editing & shooting other ways, but it just doesn’t feel right. Gotta stick to what you love &

what’s most ‘you’. 

What keeps you motivated? 

Very simply put, I think it’s just the love I have for photography in general that keeps my heart fully dedicated to this career. It’s

more than just a job or a thing I have to do. It’s my passion & what I truly love, which is always a good motivator.

Who is your ideal couple to work with? 

My favorite sessions have been with couples who are madly in love with each other. Brides who don’t mind if the end of their dress

gets a little dirty. Couples who are up for adventure & doing something outside the box. Couples who feel like friends & not just

clients after a session. Also, couples who don’t mind cuddling up really close & letting me third wheel while they make out.

What is your favorite part of a wedding to shoot?

I love all the real, unposed, raw, emotional moments. I think so often as wedding photographers, it’s easy to ‘stage’ or recreate a

moment just for the photo. I’ll obviously do that, but I’d WAY rather photograph what is actually happening, what is really going

on, & the emotions IN the moment, than having to recreate it, simply for a photograph. Some of my favorite photographs are right

after the bride & groom walk down the isle as husband & wife & the pure emotions that are felt in those moments are SO

beautiful & real. 

What are your goals for the future? 

Unfortunately, I’m not a big dreamer, so I don’t have a huge list of business goals & strategies. I love what I do & I hope to be

able to keep doing it for years & years. I’d love to shoot more small, intimate weddings or elopements. I’d love to get into film

photography again. I’d love to have a small studio space for portraits one day. Those are all little dreams of mine, but honestly I feel

like I’m living my best life & am enjoying it so much. 

What is your favorite photo you have captured? Why?

Just on my current hard drive, I have over 189,000 photos, so choosing one is literally an impossibility. Off the top of my head, I’m

thinking back to some photos I did in college for my Senior Show before graduation & those might be some of my favorites. I love

them because they were taken of my sister, where we grew up & at places that hold such special memories in my heart. 

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