Friendor Friday: Eden and Ev Calligraphy

To be honest, I have met Katie, but only through email. When I first emailed her, I asked her to be a part of

my styled shoot that was being hosted in Greenville. She did excellent, WAIT! Excellent doesn’t even start

to describe her work. She did FANTASTIC work for our styled shoot, & was not afraid to take on new

challenges. She has a natural talent & passion for what she does! Her interview is amazing & I can’t wait for

you guys to get to know her!

Everyone go check out her website & follow her on Instagram!

Tell us a little bit about yourself!

I’m Katie Nading. I am originally from Birmingham, Alabama. I moved with

my family to Greenville, South Carolina in 2015 for my husband’s job. I have

two daughters ages 3 and 5. I was a teacher for six years in Alabama &

started my calligraphy journey in 2015 when I moved to South Carolina.

What made you get into calligraphy? 

When I decided to stay home with my two daughters after we moved to

South Carolina, I knew I needed a new hobby. I started sketching letters one

day while my daughters were napping. Soon I was spending almost every

day writing letters in different ways. I loved studying how different

calligraphers would write the same word.

How did you come up with the name for your company?

Eden is my second daughters name & Lula Evelyn is my oldest daughter’s name.

How do you find new inspiration for your work?  

I find a lot of inspiration from other artists on Instagram. I take a flourish that

one artist has used & make it into my own. I also find inspiration in every

day life. I love writing on my favorite quotes on my IPad to help inspire people.

How did you learn calligraphy? Or did it just come as a natural talent?  

I learned calligraphy through teaching myself. It has taken a lot of practice

& patience to learn all the strokes. There are a lot of great lettering videos

on Instagram and on YouTube that I watched in the beginning. Everything else

has been trial & error.

What piece of work are you the most proud of? 

I would say I’m the most proud of the job I did for celebrity chef Alex Hitz. I

have cooked from Alex’s cookbook for the last four years. Last November, he

asked me to do copperplate calligraphy for his event in February. I actually

had to teach myself how to do copperplate calligraphy in two weeks! I also

got to write out some very familiar names in the process. I’m proud of the

hard work I put in to get my calligraphy where it needed to be.

How far in advance should a couple book you? 

A couple should book me at least a month to two months in advance. The more

notice I get, the better. It usually takes about a week or two to letter 100 envelopes.

What is your favorite product to create? (Invites, place settings, etc)

My favorite thing to create are envelopes. I love writing in Traditional and

Modern Calligraphy for envelopes. I love that each couple wants something

different, so each envelope job is so customized & special for that specific couple.

Do you do calligraphy for other events besides weddings? If so, what are they? 

I predominately work for brides and grooms getting married, but I have done

calligraphy for birthdays & baby showers.

What has been the craziest project you have been a part of? 

The craziest project I have done was writing on a mock check. My client called me & said she needed me

to write on a pretend check for her friend as a joke. I had a little less than an hour to pick a pen & write

out the check in calligraphy. That was definitely my most interesting project to date.

How do you balance work & life? 

The work & life balance can be hard. I started doing calligraphy when I had a

newborn & a two year old!! I try to only take on 1-3 jobs a month so I can spend

adequate time with my kids. I work while my kids are at school & while they are

taking naps. Sometimes I have last minute projects that I take on & I have to fit in

the work when I can. My kids go with me a lot of the time to drop off work for locals

& to pick up envelopes. They are a huge part of my business.


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